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Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence & Partners Receive Grant From Allstate Foundation (sponsored)


The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCEDSV) and their project partners, Nevada Outreach Training Organization/No to Abuse (NTA), Pahrump, and Sierra Community House (SCH), Lake Tahoe, received a $50,000 grant from the Allstate Foundation fund to support the NCEDSV Rural Financial Empowerment Project (RFEP). 

The NCEDSV Rural Financial Empowerment Project (RFEP) is a pilot project designed to increase financial literacy, provide direct financial support, and offer credit-building opportunities for survivors of domestic violence in rural Nevada. The RFEP breaks financial barriers in rural communities for victims of domestic violence by providing education and support designed to help survivors establish and maintain a violence-free life. 

“We are grateful to be involved with our partners and give back in any way we can with the help of the Allstate Foundation,” said Sue Meuschke, Executive Director of NCEDSV. “Investing in our rural communities is essential.”

According to economic researchers, those who are the least financial literate are the young and the old, women, African Americans, Latinos, and those living in rural areas.1 In Nevada, 90% of the population lives in 7% of the state. Nevada has 17 counties, six of which are so sparsely populated fewer than 6,000 people reside in the county. Rurality creates many barriers, including geographic isolation, transportation issues, and acquaintance density.

“Victims of domestic violence and financial abuse deserve the opportunity to regain their potential, and we are happy to provide resources to help with this,” said Meuschke.

NCEDSV is partnering with NTA and SCH to pilot this project.  NCEDSV will train advocates in theAllstate Moving Ahead (AMA) curriculum. Each agency will provide three financial empowerment classes in their community using the AMA curriculum (all or in part).  NCEDSV will also provide direct financial support for victims of domestic violence with the “Lives Improving through Financial Empowerment” (LIFE) microloans.  Victim survivors of domestic and sexual violence are eligible for an interest-free loan up to $500 with repayment over one year.  Since the inception of LIFE in 2016, NCEDSV has funded 25 loans, these loans provide victims/survivors with the opportunity to improve their credit as well as addressing emergency needs.



The Nevada Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence (previously The Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence), is the statewide coalition of domestic and sexual violence programs. NCEDSV provides statewide advocacy, education and support to the front-line organizations that help those impacted by domestic and sexual violence. To learn more, visit ncedsv.org.

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