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Geoff White draws on friends for new album

By Tony Contini
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The Reno music scene is continuously diversifying, with fantastic options in countless genres. Geoff & Friends feature a pure sound, songs influenced by The Beatles, a new release, and more on the horizon.

The collection of northern Nevadan musicians is fronted by Geoffrey White, a former lawyer with songs in his heart. He’s also obsessed with The Beatles. He plays with a strap that features graphics from their album Revolver and performed in The Smokin’ Bulldogs and Beatles Flashback, Reno cover bands dedicated to the four gentlemen from Liverpool.

White knew he also wanted to work on his own songs with local musicians and producer Tom Gordon at Imirage Sound Lab Studio in Sparks.

Their first album, “Reflections on the Key to Life,” includes seven impactful songs, some uplifting and sugary, others introspective and brooding.

Curt Mitchell. Image: Tony Contini

“Key to Life” is sweet and poignant. White sings about dreams, love, and partnership being the fundamental to a fulfilled life. The trot of the drums keeps you swaying, even through heavier turns. The song concludes in a round of voices praising love and dismissing the distractions that divide us.

“Snow Bound” touches on similar topics with a completely different musical landscape. The drums are wide open and expressive, the backing vocals are enchanting and crisp and the climactic guitar solo from Curt Mitchell is spectacular.

We used to live our lives in two dimensions. Posting our faces to wall.
Filling our time with every new invention that kept us tuned in to it all.
“Snow Bound” – Geoff & Friends

The personnel list on the back of the album is a yearbook of Reno performers.

Eric Andersen of The Novelists performs lead vocal on “If I Would.” He also sang and provided the string arrangement for “Love Fade Away.” Drummer extraordinaire Tony Savage and lead and rhythm guitarist Curt Mitchell are joined by Rob Lawrence on keyboards, Lisa McCuiston on backup vocals and Jerry Spikula on bass for the album’s entirety. “My Friend” highlights Tim Snider’s virtuosic violin abilities in a touching country tune.

There is a sweetness to White’s prose and approach. The kindness in his heart is palpable. He took all his love for classic rock, folk, and country music and combined it with his extensive list of friends.

Friends that, even during a pandemic, keep in contact and jam together. White and Mitchell currently work on their next release over video conference calls.

“It took a little while to get the timing right,” White said. “But it’s worth it to make music with my friends.”

Geoff & Friends Website – https://www.geoffandfriends.com

Geoff & Friends on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/geoffandfriends

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