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Entrepreneurs launch hew home dining chef app (sponsored)


Entrepreneurs Benjamin Griffith of Reno, Nev., and Alexander Tash of Kansas City had an “Aha” moment last year: What if they created an app to connect talented chefs with hungry diners for delicious meals in the diners’ own homes?

Introducing Homebite: A personal chef at your fingertips.

Getting this off the ground wasn’t easy. While Tash oversaw the technical side, Griffith went to building relationships and recruiting chefs so that they would have a full complement of chefs in their launch cities. Then along came COVID-19 which shut down all of the culinary schools leaving chefs around the country wondering what they should do next. 

“We are more excited than ever to get Homebite launched and moving now,” said Griffith, who was sidelined for several months with COVID himself. “With a new wave of in-home dining, now is our moment to launch. We are currently recruiting chefs and plan to get things ramped-up just in time for the holidays.”

“We want to offer chefs a new avenue towards their success. COVID has forced many chefs to rethink their livelihoods and Homebite is a perfect way for them to revitalize their business,” added Griffith. “People are worried about eating out, so we provide a safe and enjoyable alternative. Homebite chefs follow the strictest cleanliness and hygiene standards, so consumers can feel secure bringing a professional chef into their homes.”

Chefs apply through the web-based app and go through an application process involving a professional background check as well as a review of their experience and certifications. Once approved, each chef receives their own profile so diners can search and find the right chef for the experience they want.

The app itself is free for all and chefs pay no fees for booking each event. For the chefs, the best part is that the marketing, billing, collections and record keeping are all handled with each chef determining the fees for their own meal plans.

Visit www.homebite.com to register and be the first to know about chefs in your areas as well as information leading up to the holidays. Here’s to some tasty eating!

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