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Two counties show a downward COVID trend, Gov. Sisolak formalizes ‘Road to Recovery’ plan


Carson City and Lincoln County are showing signs of “lower risk” after a week-long consultation and collaboration with the COVID-19 Mitigation and Management Task Force. 

Last week, eight counties: Clark, Elko, Humboldt, Lander, Nye, Washoe, Carson City and Lincoln were flagged as showing “elevated disease transmission risk,” said an official statement by Nevada Health Response.

Over the last weekend and throughout this week, Caleb Cage, chairman of the task force, worked with leaders from these eight counties to examine each county’s data. County leaders also submitted their assessment and action plans for review to the task force.

Based on COVID-19 data analysis this week, Carson and Lincoln counties “no longer meet two or more of the criteria” in regard with COVID assessment metrics based on case rate, tests done and test positivity rate per 100,000 people. 

However, both counties will continue with current mitigation measures. The other six counties, too, will continue with existing restrictions.

“At this time, all current restrictions for each county will remain in place as plans are reviewed and refined over the next week. This includes the existing closures of bars, pubs, taverns, breweries, distilleries and wineries in Clark, Washoe, Nye and Elko counties per Directive 027,” said the health response statement. 

Sisolak formalized today Road to Recovery: Moving to A New Normal plan 

Gov. Steve Sisolak formalized today the ‘Road to Recovery: Moving to A New Normal’ plan via directive 030, which provides for a “sustainable response model” to investigate the pandemic in a consistent and accountable manner and communicate to Nevadans and policy-makers these findings in the most accessible way possible.

The plan also outlined the State’s transition to a long-term, focused mitigation strategy for the coming days. 

Like the rest of the country, Nevada’s ongoing pandemic investigations and analyses have improved over a period of time, helping the administration take up strategic goals.

Going forward, the New Normal Plan will be “utilizing targeted strategic mitigation measures at the county level using State and local data and assessments.” 

The aim is to slow the spread of COVID-19 within specific communities showing higher risks, until America finds a COVID-19 vaccine.

Sudhiti Naskar
Sudhiti Naskar
Sudhiti (Shu) Naskar is a multimedia journalist and researcher who has years of experience covering international issues. In the role of a journalist, she has covered gender, culture, society, environment, and economy. Her works have appeared on BBC, The National, The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Reno Gazette-Journal, Caravan and more. Her interests lie in the intersection of art, politics, social justice, education, tech, and culture. She took a sabbatical from media to attend graduate school at the University of Nevada Reno in 2017. In this period, she has won awards, represented her school at an international conference and successfully defended her thesis on political disinformation at the Reynolds School of Journalism where she earned her Master's in Media Innovation.