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Truck rentals show flood of Californians to Reno

By John Seelmeyer
A U-Haul moving truck and trailer.

Real estate agents and economic development officials say the Reno area is seeing a flood of new residents from California, but hard data to support their anecdotal evidence is hard to find. Prices that folks are paying for U-Haul trucks may provide some of the missing data.

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Truck rentals show flood of Californians to Reno
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Rose powell August 28, 2020 - 7:37 am

I work for a one of the world’s largest moving company’s. 80% of moves we get that are leaving California are going to Idaho, and Texas. Very few are still going to Reno. If you want to know what idaho and Texas will look like in a couple years just look at Reno. High rent, housing shortage, politics that have changed drastically and higher crime rates. I have lived in Reno for 30 plus years. I never thought I would want to leave. Reno is not Reno anymore.

Bev Stenehjem August 27, 2020 - 12:01 pm

I totally agree with Paul – it is mystifying – why do people leave California (and other states) and then vote for the same liberal policies that have ruined the state they were fleeing from? Many of us from California, myself included, moved here to get away from the problems and are very worried about Reno becoming California East. We will be voting for conservative policies and politicians.

Daniel Brauning August 27, 2020 - 11:39 am

Hi John, a few quick comments… I just relocated last week from Napa, California to Reno. I was at the U-haul truck rental place several times in Napa buying boxes and the line was so long it took 30-minutes each time to buy the boxes. And, each time I would chat with people in line and all were renting uhals for one way trips out of state. Reservations were also several weeks out just to get a truck and all people without a reservation were turned away and told to go elsewhere because of the truck shortage. Our movers rented two trucks but one had to be picked up in Lake County almost 100-miles away. It was also less expensive for the mover to bring both trucks back to California than to do a one-way and leave the trucks in Reno. Cheers!

Grant Morman August 26, 2020 - 1:36 pm

What Paul said.

Nate Ogden August 26, 2020 - 11:04 am

That’s not how the data works. It doesn’t reflect any detail on the trade between two specific cities. It’s the supply and demand in or out of one specific city. Phoenix is high because so many people are moving there in general, not due to traffic from Reno.

Paul Clayton August 26, 2020 - 10:24 am

Very interesting. But no speculation on the ‘why’ of it? Allow me. Could it be the fact that California is a ‘sanctuary state?’ Could it be that illegal aliens are pampered to, even sought, while tax-paying, law-obeying citizens are seen as nothing more than cows in a field, valuable only for what they produce? Could it be that crime is ‘the new normal?’ (Went over to visit with a friend in Berkeley. We jumped in his car and went to a coffee house. He parked in a high-rise parking lot, but did not lock his car. I asked him why? He said that if you do, the thieves will just break your windows to get in and look for stuff. So people in some parts of the state do not even lock their cars.) Could the exudus be do to the pandering to the homeless? (If you feed them, they will come.) (This, by the way, is becoming a problem in both Reno and Carson City, with many of these people possibly from CA) Homeless people are ‘untoucables.’ Untouchable by the police. Just like illegals. They can drive wo licenses and insurance. You try it. Could the exodus from CA be due to the fact that the law in the state regarding theft was changed, so that if the value of a theft is below a certain ceiling, the cops will NOT pursue or arrest. I thin the ceiling is about 900 dollars. So people are literally going in SavMarts with calculators and filling their carts, then pushing them out. I’ve seen videos of it. It’s astounding. Then there is the new TAX. I think 0.4% of a person’s total worth. You’ve already paid your fed income tax, CA state income tax, sales tax (that is, if you bother to buy anymore and not just steal), but now they are considering a ‘wealth tax.’ These insane laws and attitudes are why people are flooding out of California. They are why I left in 2017. So, who is doing all this to California? Well, the democrats are. Democrats run the entire state, everything. This is a fact. And one more point, incredibly, some of the people fleeing California and coming to Nevada, bring their politics with them. Despite the fact that the democrats have and are destroying California, these people flee to Nevada, and then vote for and elect Democrat politicians who want to impose the same laws and values on Nevadans.

By now, some or one of them, is rushing to their keyboard to have my comment taken down for being racist or some such nonsense.

Nevadans, please wake up. Take a good look at what is happening to California and ask yourselves if you want that for your selves and your families. Then vote accordingly.

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