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The Trump Train comes to Reno

By Don Dike Anukam

The Trump campaign battle bus came to Reno on Sunday. Aboard it were some nationally known Trump heavyweights. 

It pulled into the Nevada Republican Party headquarters office at Fourth Street and Keystone carrying former Nevada Attorney General and Co-Chair for the Nevada Trump campaign Adam Laxalt (R), American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, former Acting Director of U.S. National Intelligence Richard Grenell, Lati…

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The Trump Train comes to Reno
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Mark Leonard August 19, 2020 - 3:56 pm

Very fair reporting by Don Dike Anukam. Thank you. It was an honor to be there.

Sean Nash August 18, 2020 - 12:45 pm

They have my vote.

Kathy Wild August 18, 2020 - 10:51 am

Glad to see articles like this in your publication. We need to hear from more conservative politicians that can explain how conservative policies will be good for Reno.

Nicol Herris August 18, 2020 - 10:43 am

Thank you for this article as it provides an opportunity to see and understand how the political process works. The photos are important as they provide “the eyes” of what one would see if they were at the event. Please continue coverage like this as it is very important to share the political happenings in our town. Thank You.

Geoffrey Brooks August 18, 2020 - 10:17 am

I would like to have electronic voting for all offices, federal, state, local and HOA’s. Professional Societies can manage this easily and verification (to avoid duplication) is robust. Why not our government? We need a government that is responsive to the citizens needs of the 21st century on one rooted in the past!

As an aside, 5 states conduct all their voting by mail, including UT our conservative neighbor.

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