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Reno artist releases summer single “Strawberry”

By ThisIsReno

Local songwriter and singer Grace Hayes decided it was the perfect time to bring a little sweetness and levity to the summer, and this week dropped a new single, “Strawberry.”

“I want the song to make people smile,” said the 23-year-old “American Idol” alumna and Reno native. “This is sweet. This is fun.”

She said the song, a bubbly ode to empowerment, is “mostly about feeling happy.”

Hayes, who’s performed locally at recent peaceful protests, is also an official Content Creator on TikTok with more than 14 million official views. Since returning from “American Idol” she’s also performed as an actress, poet, model, and TEDx speaker, in addition to working a day job.

Sound engineer Garrett Raff, a longtime collaborator with Hayes, recorded the vocals, and Reno musician Allen Lewis produced the instrumental tracks.  Cameron Paris of Reno’s Firebolt Media Co. filmed and edited the supporting music video.

Check out the video below. The song is also available on Spotify.

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