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Outdoor dining with a river view

By Nora Tarte
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The Shore Room patio during the Renaissance grand opening tour in 2017.

Ask the staff and they will tell you, the patio at The Shore Room is the establishment’s pride and joy. Nestled above the Truckee River inside the Renaissance Hotel, tables overlook the flowing water, with a gentle sound of crashing waves offering melodic undertones for dinner. Whether you’re looking for a celebratory place to cheers with your friends or a date night hotspot with a romantic air, The Shore Room is the space for these special occasions.

There is an indoor piece of the restaurant, too, so if you want to dine outdoors you’ll have to put in a request, and perhaps a reservation. But the views are worth the wait if you ask me. Plus, dining outdoors is one way to stay even safer while we weather the COVID-19 storm.

If you enjoy a good cocktail, we recommend diving into the list of craft specialties. The Smoke & Mirrors is a Mezcal drink with a lot of smoke, finished with lemon and a sprig of rosemary. Plus, the egg whites in this drink add a frothy element. It’s strong enough to sneak up on you but not as overwhelming as many mezcal cocktails.

Grilled Lamb Rack Lollipops at The Shore Room.

The Nando is another favorite–The Shore Room’s take on the margarita, but a little lighter and fresher, made from patron, Cointreau, and lime.

For dinner, it’s hard to go wrong. If you have room, order an appetizer or two for the table. The Mediterranean inspiration is very evident in the small plates. Laffa, grilled to order flat bread served with olive oil, sumac, and fresh herbs is a customary precursor for Israeli meals. Light and fluffy, the bread is filling and almost impossible to stop eating.

The Grilled Lamb Rack Lollipops are also delightful. Cooked to order, they are juicy and full of flavor, served over a bed of roasted garlic, pickled red onion, olive oil, and reduced balsamic.

When it comes to the main courses, some of the dishes are mainstays on the menu while others come and go with the seasons. The Pan Roasted Atlantic Salmon is one of the newest menu items. The fish filet is cooked to perfection, crispy on the edges and falling apart on the inside, juicy and full of flavor. The filet is served atop a mix of cooked summer squash, zucchini ribbons, fingerling potatoes, eggplant, and puttanesca (a tomato-based sauce), all blended together.

For those who love a good steak, order up the Seared Flat Iron Steak upgraded to a 13 oz. boneless koji-rubbed ribeye, served over creamy, garlic-herb mashed potatoes with a garlic-infused miso butter, and a side of charred delta asparagus that’s crunchy and warm. However you prefer your meat, the chefs are experts at meeting expectations.

Whatever you order, take your time dining in. The atmosphere here is so spectacular you won’t want to rush through a meal. Instead, take in the view.

Expert Tip: Schedule your dinner right around sunset to enjoy the changing sky with a front-seat view of downtown.


In person: 1 South Lake Street, Reno, Nevada 89501
Online: https://shoreroom.com/
Call: (775) 321-5831

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