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PODCAST: Reno reflects on Black Lives Matter

By Bob Conrad
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Joe C. Rock discusses the mural he created at City Hall. Image: Jeri Davis

Black Lives Matter is an international movement that has emerged in the Biggest Little City. BLM demonstrations have been held in the past few years, often in the wake of national incidences of violence against Black people at the hands of law enforcement.

On May 30, a peaceful BLM demonstration was followed by rioting and vandalizing by a much smaller group that split off from the main protest.

What happened in the weeks to come was the creation of art meant to depict, visually, the struggles many in the Biggest Little City face because of their skin color.

For this episode, Jeri Davis and Bob Conrad interview muralist Joe C. Rock about the art now covering up vandalized portions of Reno City Hall. We also hear from David Gamble Sr. as he reads from his son’s essay about growing up Black in Reno.

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