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Is Nevada the next California? (opinion)


Submitted by Michael Kadenacy

Michael Kadenacy
Michael Kadenacy. Image: Washoe County Republican Party.

The Democrats have only one answer to any problem, whether it’s real or imagined: more government at more expense and paid for by your taxes.

Our governor seems to be heavily influenced by the policies of California as evidenced by his many consultations with their governor.  How has that worked out for California?  The high tax burden is driving businesses out of the state and deteriorating cities with few services, dirty, discarded needles, higher crime, and much more on their streets, is leading to an exodus of what was left of the middle class.  Most of California is left with the mega rich and the very poor who serve them.  This is not a stable society, nor one that fosters sustained growth and opportunity for its citizens.

Can it happen in Nevada? One thing is certain: if Nevada continues down the path of ever-increasing taxes, regulation and profligate spending, we its citizens can look forward to being California and in a very short time.

As you contemplate your election choices, consider where these tax and regulatory decisions will be made – in the Nevada State Legislature.  You can be sure that the Nevada Democrats already have a wish list, and on top of that list will be a litany of new and increased taxes. 

They have already drafted a bill for a 2 percent increase in the Sales Tax which would make Nevada the state with the highest Sales Tax in the country!  Look for increases in the thresholds and rates in the Commerce Tax, which are easy to slide by without taxpayers noticing.  And look for the start of the drive to change the Nevada Constitution to allow for a State Income Tax.

You can be sure that some of these tax measures will be taken up in the Special Session using the budget deficits caused by COVID-19 as their reasoning.  Do not be fooled, the tax increases were coming anyway. 

And as for the deficits, has anyone heard of any cuts to government programs?  It seems your job or business is, in Democrat minds, non-essential, while government jobs are always essential.

These tax decisions will be made in Nevada’s State Legislature and that is why it is critical that Nevadans make the right decisions in voting for their State Legislators.  Which candidates will vote to tax and spend more and more if they are elected?  Which ones will vote to increase the tax burden on hard working Nevadans? 

We should not be fooled by the justifications for the ever-increasing spending and taxation, it’s for the children, or for the poor, or for whatever.  No matter what is spent, when the program fails, the solution is never to look at that program itself, it is always more bureaucrats and bigger budgets to do exactly that same thing.  Their excuse for failure is always, “we did not spend enough.”

Michael Kadenacy is the chairman of the Washoe County Republican Party.

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