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Holland Project features “Women of Hip Hop” in 4th annual exhibit

By Kylie Masznicz

The Holland Project just wrapped up their 4th annual “Between the Lyrics,” a themed exhibit that inspires new creations from a variety of local artists. This year’s theme was “Women of Hip Hop,” where the most iconic female rappers throughout history were selected to be represented through different mediums of artistic expression.

The Holland Project, a local nonprofit art and music venue dedicated to serving the community at large, strives to include people of all ages with all their projects. The intention of the annual “Between the Lyrics” exhibit is to bring together artists, musicians, performers, and the community to celebrate hip hop.

However, as with many other local events, the ongoing pandemic forced this one to restructure. Alana Berglund from The Holland Project commented, “In a typical year, these works would be shown in one of our galleries and attendees could participate in a silent auction to vie for their faves. However, this year the exhibition has moved totally online.”

Chhoti Maa’s Voy by Ruby Barrientos
Chhoti Maa’sVoyby Ruby Barrientos

The Holland Project posted all of the art that was contributed to the exhibit in a Prezi slideshow posted on its website. Live music, which is also typically incorporated into the event, was accommodated online as well. Berglund said the organization partnered with KWNK 97.7 FM Community Radio to move many of the musical elements to the airwaves. These radio recordings can also be found with the exhibit online.

Ruby Barrientos, one the artists featured in the exhibit, said she originally intended to create a piece featuring a female warrior to serve as a commentary for gender inequality present in the hip-hop scene. But she was later re-inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I want to inspire and ignite creativity within my community,” Barrientos said. “When I create, that’s when I feel the most liberated and I hope to spark that feeling of liberation, joy, and creative fire in everyone that views my art while also bringing attention to important social justice issues.”

The meaning behind the art produced for BTL4 took on a new meaning this year as Black Lives Matter protests continue. Berglund commented, “This event has always been a fundraiser and we hope to use the platform this year to raise awareness and funds for Black-led organizations doing great work locally and nationally. Several artists have also pledged their proceeds to national organizations such as ‘Black Lives Matter Global Network.’”

Original local art produced for The Holland’s Project BTL4 exhibition can still be viewed online at https://www.hollandreno.org/2020/06/between-the-lyrics-4/. This link gives more information on the event, access to the Prezi slide show, and links to all the radio broadcasts in collaboration with this exhibit.

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