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A burger for everyone

By Nora Tarte
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Burger Me! is one of those eateries I consider a local staple. With three locations—two in Reno and one in Truckee—it falls into the perfect in-between of burger joints; more than a one-off local spot, but more specialized than a true chain.

The casual space offers diners the option to eat indoors or outdoors after ordering at the counter. The process is easy and the atmosphere is friendly. During normal times kids can play arcade games in the back section of the Summit Mall location.

The real draw, however, is the food. True to the name, this burger joint offers a meal for any taste buds. The specialty is burgers, but they aren’t just your classic hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Instead diners can bite into creative combinations like The Dirty Bird, which brings in complex flavors of blackened chicken (with just enough spice), pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo for something with a little bit of heat and a whole lot of flavor. To set this burger even farther apart, it won’t be served with your standard slab of tomato. Instead, it’s topped with pico de gallo.

Other menu items bring in more meats that aren’t ground beef. Order turkey burgers, tuna, bison, or even Nevada Elk.

The Nevada Elk burger at Burger Me!
The Nevada Elk burger at Burger Me!

The Ahi Burger is another off-the-cuff burger you wouldn’t expect to find at your corner burger joint. Made with yellow fin tuna (seared rare) and mixed greens, this seafood special is topped with sriracha coleslaw and wasabi mayo for some serious kick.

My go-to is the turkey burger served with avocado, for something light and a little more healthful when I’m craving a juicy burger. Cooked to perfection, the turkey burgers are indeed very juicy. The best way to serve this one up, if you can handle the heat, is with bacon, pepper jack cheese, green chili and chipotle mayo.

I have one last recommendation here. This is the burger for the biggest appetite, or the day after a big event. Call it the July 5th burger or the Seis De Mayo burger. That’s because the Train Wreck just may be named for how you feel when you order it. It’s the only burger recommendation I’m making that uses traditional ground beef as its base—a 1/3-pound patty cooked to order—and loaded with an onion ring, chili (yes, you read that right), cheddar cheese and a fried egg. It’s just the meal you need when you’re looking to recharge, or when you’ve worked up a killer appetite.

You can also build your own burger by choosing a patty, your choice of cheese (the available list is long), toppings and a bun.

A lettuce-wrapped burger, sans bun, at Burger Me!
A lettuce-wrapped burger, sans bun, at Burger Me!

One thing to keep in mind is sides are sold separately. Choose between a slew of fry options, onion rings, chili, a salad or soup. The fries are the go-to, and both the sweet potato fries and the garlic fries offer some extra flavor for your meal without competing.

This is a spot to bring the kids, as mentioned above, and there is a full kid’s menu as well as a half-size burger to order for smaller appetites. Plus, an ice cream menu if you want to go old school and make dinner a burger, fries and a shake.

Everything on the menu is so different from the next item that this won’t be a place you can go just once. You’ll have to commit to a few meals to really experience the full scope of the menu. Lucky for you, with three locations, it’s fairly easy to stop into Burger Me! for dine in service with social distancing protocols in place or order your food to-go.

The Details


  • South Reno/Summit Mall, 13963 South Virginia St. Ste 901, Reno, NV 89511, call ahead: (775) 851-2002
  • Northwest Reno, 6280 Sharlands Ave, Ext #9, Reno, NV 89523, (775) 737-9404
  • Truckee, 10418 Donner Pass Road, Exit 186, Truckee, CA 96161, call ahead: (530) 587-8852

Online: http://www.realfreshburger.com/

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