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Reno to train police officers to intervene if colleague uses excessive force

By Carla O'Day
Protesters gather for the Black Lives Matter event. Image: Trevor Bexon

Reno police chief Jason Soto, who recently took over as acting city manager, told the City Council on Wednesday that he’s directed those at the helm of the police department to review its use-of-force policy.

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Chief Jason Soto
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Reno to train police officers to intervene if colleague uses excessive force
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Aaron Lynch June 6, 2020 - 4:22 pm

Teachers in Washoe county have ONE HOUR to report “suspected” abuse or it’s a Felony. Why can’t we hold police to the same standard of professional conduct as a frikken Kindergarten Tteacher?????

Dan Lestelle June 5, 2020 - 7:38 pm

I really think you do not give reno police officers credit for being so professional. I spent 23 years with the los angeles police department and I have to say reno police officers are quite professional. As for additional training required to teach as they say fellow officers to stop any police officers from police brutality is pretty stupid.police officers have what is called color of authority laws, if you dont know what that is look it up. I do not agree with politicians allowing rioters to blow off steam at others expense it’s a pretty stupid statement. Imagine having a business that you have created only to have it burnt up, and have allowed it to occur. That is not protecting the public in any way, that’s only protecting the rioters. Owners of businesses must protect their properties because their is not enough police officers, that’s a fact. Look at response times, that is a big factor. I have seen this mayhem personally and it’s pretty sad when someone’s livelihood goes up in smoke to satisfy another’s stupidity. I think any business owner has a right to go after antifa and any terrorist organization legally. Starting a riot is another subject several news agency’s and politicians are guilty of. Our mayor and governor and several local politicians are guilty of this. Shrive should resign for allowing this along with that worthless gevernor. As for another day of possible looting this could occur Sunday as the mayor has allowed another day of mayhem and giving it her blessing. Maby you could all bill the city if this occurs.

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