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Protestors demand details of Miciah Lee, a young Black man shot and killed by Sparks Police (updated)

By Lucia Starbuck
In front of Bruce R. Thompson Courthouse and Federal Building

This story was produced in partnership with KUNR Public Radio.

Dozens of protestors gathered Friday in front of the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office to demand the release of details and body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting, which killed Miciah Lee, a young Black man. 

In January 2020, Sparks Police Department officers responded to a call of an all…

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Protestors demand details of Miciah Lee, a young Black man shot and killed by Sparks Police (updated)
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Bobby Fitzgibbons June 30, 2020 - 10:46 am

Bodycam footage has been released. I love that the mother calls 911 and tells the police that her son wants to do a “suicide by cop” and she begs them to get involved and, to their credit, they did everything that they could to stop him until he drew his gun and left them no choice but to shoot. The cop who shot him was even heard sobbing on his bodycam afterwards. But even after all of that, the mother – who again, begged the cops to get involved – is now calling the police “murderers.” The police enforce the law, they’re not therapists. Perhaps we should be looking at what help the mother tried – or didn’t – to get for her mentally ill, gun-wielding son all these years. An unfortunate situation all around.

Brian Barnes June 30, 2020 - 2:32 am

Ms Clopp I am sorry for your loss but your son was not murdered he left no other options for the sparks police officers that where involved but to shoot. they tried everything possible to stop Miciah But in the end it was your sons choice to reach for the hand gun and not follow the commands of the officer on scene You yourself even said that he wanted to commit suicide that night by his own hand or by police IF you want to be mad then you should be mad at The Washoe County Mental health system for not treating Miciah’s Bi polar and /or not having the resources to help him before he reached this point of suicide in this case the police are not the issue here. It is The Washoe County Mental health system that failed Miciah in this case. Washoe county mental health system is broken and it needs alot of work I will say this There is one thing I am curious about since Miciah was only 18 I would like to know where and how he was able to obtain a Glock 23C since legal age in Nevada is 21 for that weapon If the gun was given or sold to Miciah then that person should be charged with manslaughter or Murder

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