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Never enough pizza

By Nora Tarte
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It’s a rare day when I’m NOT down for pizza, and that means I’ve tried a lot of the pizzerias throughout Reno. When I’m craving a thin crust pie, there’s only one place to go—SouthCreek Pizza Co. The Italian eatery specializes in pizza. In fact, their menu is separated into two categories, pizza and not pizza. But unless you’re looking for a salad or something small like meatballs or chickpeas, pizza it is.

As the world has begun to reopen, I’ve been putting an emphasis on eating at places with outdoor seating. SouthCreek’s outdoor atmosphere is everything we need on a summer evening, all twinkly lights with views of Mt. Rose in the distance. Plus, it’s tucked away so that if your chair is angled just right, it doesn’t look like you’re dining in the middle of a shopping center.

When it comes to drinks, I’m always impressed with the wine and beer lists at SouthCreek. They offer some local finds as well as some smaller label options. When anything by Mettler is on the menu, I’ll order that. Plus, they are kind enough to give tastes before you commit, which is especially nice if you’re looking to split a bottle. For those who like sangria, the summer menu does offer both a white and red sangria, sold by the glass or pitcher, and featuring fresh fruit. It’s a good alternative to wine on a hot day.

A pizza comes out of the wood-fired oven at SouthCreek Pizza Co
A pizza comes out of the wood-fired oven at SouthCreek Pizza Co. Image: Nora Tarte

Because the pizza is thin, it’s not overly filling, which means how many pies you order will likely depend on the collective hunger level of the group you’re dining with. A hearty appetite could take down one of these pizzas on its own. Another solution is starting with an appetizer—the meatballs are warm, meaty, and scrumptious—and splitting a pizza after that.

On this evening, I opted for the Smoke Creek Pizza—something that offered an ample amount of protein without being overloaded with meat. The wood-fired pizza is baked in the authentic Italian pizza oven (check out behind the bar to see it in action), a thin crust dough, layered with EVOO, fresh mozzarella, garlic, smoked bleu cheese, parmesan, mushrooms, sausage and red onion before its finished with a honey chipotle sauce.

The result is smoky in flavor with a little kick, but certainly not spicy. Plus, the honey-chipotle sauce gives it a little sweetness. And full disclosure: I trade out the bleu cheese for goat cheese on every pizza they offer. It’s just as good for those that don’t like—or are allergic to—bleu cheese.

As an avid consumer of SouthCreek, I’ve also dined on the Pear-A-Dice pizza and the BLT pizza. The first is a cleverly named pear and bacon pizza made with similar ingredients: EVOO, fresh mozzarella, parmesan and smoked bleu cheese (in my case goat cheese). After it’s cooked, it’s topped with arugula and honey. The second is an elevated BLT taste made with EVOO, diced bacon, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, parmesan and garlic before it’s finished with lemon zest and arugula.

Pro Tip: For dessert, walk over to Rolled Mountain Creamery for a special treat.


Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 4 to 8 p.m.
Visit: 45 Foothill Road, Reno, NV 89511
Online: https://southcreekpizza.com/
Call: 775-622-1620

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