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NDOW continues investigating June 19 killing of a black bear in south Reno

By Jeri Davis
high bear activity sign

The Nevada Department of Wildlife is still investigating the killing of a black bear in the Galena area in South Reno that took place nearly two weeks ago.

Ashley Sanchez, public information officer for NDOW, said law enforcement could not comment on the nature of the incident due to an ongoing investigation.

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NDOW continues investigating June 19 killing of a black bear in south Reno
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Joshua Neel June 30, 2020 - 7:44 pm

Running away… AR15…

I get that a bear in your yard can be pant-shitting scary (spesh if you aren’t from here).

Very few fences in that area, none that would stop a bear (or trap it in your yard). Bang pans, flash lights, or just stay inside until they grow bored and move on.

Probably just hungry because of this weird Spring.

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