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National Automobile Museum needs community support (opinion)


Submitted by National Automobile Museum

We need your help. 

For over 30 years the National Automobile Museum in downtown Reno has entertained and educated both locals and visitors, young and old, from around the world. We’re rated a Top Ten museum and have been designated by Google as one of the most noteworthy in the state. But, during the recent 77-day pandemic closure, our revenues dropped to zero. Unfortunately, our expenses did not. 

We think we’re one of the safest entertainment options in Nevada. With 85,000 sq. ft. of exhibits, you’ll seldom get near another visitor. But folks are still uncertain, and our visitation since we re-opened on June 1 has been less than one-third of normal. We need your help. 

We receive no operating funds from federal, state or city sources. Our owners (that’s you and your neighbors) have supported the museum since 1989 with admissions, Museum Store sales, memberships, events and generous donations each year during our Annual Giving Campaign in the Fall. However, this year, we hope that you can find some extra room in your personal budget to make an additional donation now. Any amount helps. 

Has it been awhile since you’ve visited? Did you see our car made out of papier-mâché? Or a Rolls-Royce formed from copper sheets? How about a one-of-a-kind Adams Farwell where the motor spins and the crankshaft is fixed? We’ve got the first mass produced car and several that were only made once. You can see the first Recreational Vehicle and the first SUV. There’s also the first and last Chevrolet with a rear-engine. There are cars with pocket doors, suicide doors and even gull wings. Our displays range from the forgotten hat pins of the 1890s to tomorrow’s future (we can show you the current weather on Mars and human-powered Lunar rovers).

This spring and early summer we are featuring the most-important car ever, Ford’s Model T. There were over 15 million of them produced and the many creative ways folks modified them is fascinating. You’ll also learn about Henry Ford, the celebrated and brilliant engineer, but a man with deep character flaws.

Again, we need your help now. Visit if you can. Volunteer if you can. Become a member. Or make a special tax-deductible contribution now and be an important part of one of Reno’s best attractions. It’s your museum, your town and your history. 

The National Automobile Museum is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation, so your donations are tax-deductible to the full limits of the tax laws.

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