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Man runs into traffic, struck by RPD vehicle

By Eric Marks

At approximately midnight Saturday, June 13 an unidentified man sprinted into oncoming traffic at the corner of Sierra and E. 2nd St. The man, who later identified himself as “Edgar,” ran into and was hit by a Reno Police Car going approximately 30 mph after narrowly escaping being struck head-on by another vehicle.

This Is Reno’s Eric Marks witnessed the entire event from his vehicle only feet away.

The man was being pursued by another unidentified man who claimed he had witnessed him “snatch a purse from a lady down the street.” The witness said he had pursued “Edgar” for blocks before getting out of his car and chasing the alleged thief, while yelling threats in an apparent attempt to apprehend him.

With no warning, “Edgar” leapt into oncoming traffic and attempted to make it across three lanes of fast-moving traffic on Sierra Street when he collided with an oncoming Reno Police car. The man bounced into the air and backwards into another lane. The officer, who was driving in a normal manner, immediately stopped.

“Edgar,” after recognizing the officer, attempted to flee the scene in a bizarre attempt to escape. Reno Police detained him momentarily before he collapsed into the street. Emergency vehicles were on the scene within minutes and administered first aid to the man, who repeatedly said, “My chest hurts.”

At this time This Is Reno has not confirmed the man’s true identity and his condition is unknown, as are any pending charges.

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