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Stay at home Mother’s Day gift ideas (sponsored)

By ThisIsReno

Flowers are still being sent, brunch is still being made, and moms are still being moms. As Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, celebrating will look a little different. Here are a couple of gift ideas to brighten your mom’s day! Local businesses in the community are here for you and your mom to celebrate this Mother’s Day!

Meal Prep Reno

These flavorful, yet healthy meals are perfect to enjoy with your mom and the whole family. Delivered right to your door, a variety of delicious meals are ready to be heated up and shared without leaving your home. Starting May 1 through May 10: every $100 spent on gift cards, you will receive $10. New menu items are constantly being added, checkout mealprepreno.com to stay up to date.

Rattlesnake Club

DIY Mother’s Day brunch with three brunch kits offered! Each kit comes with eight eggs, choice of either applewood smoked bacon or Flocchini Sausage and a fruit salad.

Kit 1: French Toast Kit with four slices of honey Challah bread, specialty French toast dip, and vanilla custard with syrup and butter provided.

Kit 2: Sourdough pancakes with a mix for four pancakes, syrup and butter provided.

Kit 3: Eggs Benedict include english muffins, rosemary ham and four pre-poached eggs, with hollandaise sauce.

Extra add ons: You may order mimosa makings, which include a bottle of Poema Brut with fresh squeezed orange juice for $25 or a glass of Mantra brut with orange juice for $6.

Email [email protected] or call (775) 384-2470 to place order

All orders must be placed before Friday, May 8 at 8:00 p.m., and picked up on Saturday May 9 before 8:00 p.m.

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