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Local restaurateur on the defense after email backlash


By Kelsey Penrose

A newsletter many have found offensive was sent out to customers of Sierra St. Kitchen and Cocktails and Skyline Kitchen & Vine earlier this week. In addition to the updated specials for the week, the message included what some say was a bizarre introduction comparing Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak to Adolf Hitler. 

The beginning of the newsletter reads “Skyline Kitchen to Re-Open as soon as the Third Reich Leader Sisolak says go!! Please call and email the governor and congress members to get NV open!” 

Screenshot of an email sent to customers of Sierra St. Kitchen & Cocktails.

The email has since received backlash on social media.

When asked about the email, which was sent from owner Brett Rosselli’s personal email, he stated that the email was sent from a “rogue” employee. 

“Recently we had a ‘rogue’ employee who gained access to our database and open email system and send (sic) out an inappropriate email of great disgust,” Rosselli said. “This selfish individual blasted hatred that is of unfathomable comparison.” 

The email was first sent out on April 22. On April 29, Rosselli said that he acted “immediately and decisively” by firing the employee in question. 

However, there was no follow-up regarding the incident until Wednesday after the email was shared on social media. 

When asked about contact information for the employee, Rosselli stated that the “individual has been fired and I believe even left town, for what I hear.” 

Rosselli said that this employee’s leaving of town has concerned Rosselli’s attorney. 

“The content of the email referenced the Third Reich which is appalling by itself,” said Rosselli. “It is a hateful comment that has no place in our community and would never come from us at Sierra St. Kitchen, my family or myself.”

Rosselli went on to say that the act is even worse because “we just closed on the week honoring the Holocaust Remembrance Day of Yom HaShoah. Not all lessons in life are fun, however, I am personally using this as a learning experience for the positive going forward.” 

Rosselli went on to say he wholeheartedly apologizes for the employee being able to gain access and send out the “hateful communication” to the community. 

This is not the first time Rosselli has claimed ex-employees were to blame for various mishaps. The YELP reviews for Sierra St. Kitchen and Skyline Kitchen & Vine show that many reviews have a reply from Rosselli asking readers to ignore poor reviews, as they are actually made by various disgruntled ex-employees and shouldn’t be true. Other reviews show alleged harassment by Rosselli after poor reviews were posted. 

Rosselli did not answer as to how the employee managed to access Rosselli’s personal email. 

Kelsey Penrose
Kelsey Penrose
Kelsey Penrose is a proud Native Nevadan whose work in journalism and publishing can be found throughout the Sierra region. She received degrees in English Literature and Anthropology from Arizona State University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Creative Writing with the University of Nevada, Reno at Lake Tahoe. She is an avid supporter of high desert agriculture and rescue dogs.