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Day 64 – abducted

By ThisIsReno
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Karl Breckenridge called in to This Is Reno editors this morning with a hands-in-the-air, what-can-I-do sense of resignation. After leaving his coffee group at the Bear Sunday morning he was abducted by a station wagon full of nuns hoping to have their way with him. He’s using the time to cook up some new stories…and we’re sure the nuns are providing plenty.

So today we say to Karl, Be safe, huh? We hope to have you back tomorrow.

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Karl Breckenridge

Karl Breckenridge is slowly going nuts. So he decided to help out This is Reno by writing a daily out-of-his-mind column for the duration of the coronavirus shutdown. Karl grew up in the valley and has stories from the area going back to 1945. He’s been writing for 32 years locally and loves to yak it up with friends…now sitting six feet apart. 

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