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Washoe County to expand authority to issue parking tickets

By Carla O'Day

The Washoe County Commission on Tuesday voted to initiate proceedings that would amend code to allow certain non-sworn employees the ability to issue parking tickets.

Washoe County sees an increase in illegally-parked vehicles on rights-of-way during summer. There have reportedly been problems in some neighborhoods, particularly Incline Village, where roadside parking occurs illegally.

Chapter 70 of the Washoe County Code currently states that sworn deputies and police officers must handle the issuance of parking citations. However, non-commissioned deputies and constables will soon be authorized to issue such tickets.

“By adding non-commissioned deputies and constables as appropriate classifications for the issuance of citations, illegal parking issues can be resolved without interrupting other law enforcement functions,” a report to commissioners said.

The County Clerk plans to submit a request to the Washoe County District Attorney for preparation of a proposed ordinance.

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