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Finding a friend: Marley’s story

By Kylie Masznicz
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Images: Courtesy John Kelly

It seems we can’t escape the never-ending updates regarding COVID-19, so here’s some feel-good news to distract you from the pandemic for a moment.


For those who, like me, constantly check the Nevada Humane Society website for dogs, you might recognize Marley. Marley has been in and out of the shelter since early 2019, when he was surrendered by his previous owner due to landlord issues.

During his time at the Humane Society, Marley had become a staple of the shelter. His photos were all over their Facebook page and website. Perhaps it was his unique fur coloring that made him look like he always had a raised eyebrow that contributed to his popularity.

Today, the Nevada Humane Society is excited to announce that Marley has found his forever home as the official mascot of the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center.

The live-in manager, John Kelly, has been wanting to adopt a new best friend for about a year. He had seen Marley on the website for a long time and fell in love with the puppy long before meeting him. It took some time to settle all the paperwork and permissions to make Marley the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center mascot, but he is finally home with John and happier than ever.

John told ThisIsReno, “Marley was at home the minute he got here. All the guys love him and he is super spoiled. He probably goes on seven or more walks a day!”

Marley had gone through the PUPS Program prior to adoption, where he was noted as being one of the laziest dogs in the program. However, Marley also loved his outdoor play time. It seems he’s found the perfect balance at the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center.

John takes Marley back home at the end of the day, where he says Marley is quite the bed and blanket hog. John lovingly adds, “I could not ask for a better companion.”

John wanted to personally thank the staff at the Nevada Humane Society for helping him through the adoption process.

During this difficult time, more and more people have taken the plunge to adopt a new best friend. At the time of writing this article, there are only three dogs left in the shelter! Visit the Nevada Humane Society’s website at https://nevadahumanesociety.org/ to find your new furry friend.

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