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Podcast: The government’s not coming to save us

By Bob Conrad

Government alone cannot solve the COVID-19 crisis. But there is a lot of action happening on the ground as Reno continues to adjust to its new COVID-19 reality. We interview Reno City Councilmember Devon Reese about efforts to deal with the coronavirus.

Also: Renown nurses are saying they have to reuse personal protective equipment. But Renown CEO Tony Slonim says the hospital is ready to deal with coronavirus. We hear from Slonim about Renown’s preparations to deal with what is anticipated to be a surge of new patients.



Lori davis March 25, 2020 - 6:19 pm

I can’t believe this country is not following the WHO advice to stop this pandemic! We need drive thru testing of everyone, to see who has the virus. Then we can find out who has it and who they have been in contact with. Without this info it will continue to grow. It’s been proven in china and South Korea,

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