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Plans nailed down for McCarran, South Virginia project

By John Seelmeyer
A flurry of office construction is creating space for relocating companies, including 150,000 square feet at SkyPointe.

New stores, restaurants and office space are planned at one of the highest-profile corners in Reno.

Construction on a project at the southeast corner of South McCarran and South Virginia — the property near the Meadowood Mall that’s been vacant forever— is scheduled to begin in the middle of this year, said Todd McKenzie, president of McKenzie Properties Managemen…

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Plans nailed down for McCarran, South Virginia project
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Roxana Corbett March 31, 2020 - 2:58 pm

4 yrs later and the Reno government has yet to provide a solution for the additional thousands of cars now forced to commute from North Valley on a 2-lane Hwy 395. Yet they continue to push development without any consideration for the citizens. And, they are
eager to blame RTC for road development, estimating changes in 2023 (10 yrs later). What happened to coordinating the “development planning” with RTC, so roads can be expanded to meet the needs of the people working for the new industries, which were given tax relief, at the expense of Reno citizens. South Reno & downtown gets more attention for improved & new roads, without a doubt! Shame on them! Small town government thinking & actions. So sad.

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