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Generator’s lease to terminate in 90 days

By Bob Conrad

The Burner arts space in Sparks, The Generator, notified its members today that its lease with Tolles Development Company is coming to an end in 90 days.

“The management group that owns our building, Tolles Development Company, has chosen to move forward with terminating our lease in 90 days,” the email from Generator staff and board members conveyed. “They expressed the need to work towards satisfying business plans with their investors. While we understand their dilemma, we also acknowledge that this puts us in a frustrating situation. The Generator will have the full use of our current location until at least the end of May.”

The noted said that the Generator staff are in contact with Tolles Development, which purchased the building in May of 2018, to find a temporary solution, including maybe partially using the existing building, an alternate location or extending the move-out date.

“We have already been actively working towards a long term solution, including a signed letter of intent that we are hopeful will lead to a stable long term future for our community,” they said.

Tolles Development’s Par Tolles said in 2018 that the acquisition of the property, in addition to other warehouses in the area, “allows us to get back to our roots. An often overlooked submarket, the region plays a critical role as a key distribution and manufacturing region of Reno-Sparks at a lower cost than property in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC).”

The Generator has about 150 active members.

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