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8 things to do this week (while maintaining an acceptable social distance)

By ThisIsReno

We’re headed into week two of this crazy new reality and it’s been the longest year we’ve had all month. So without further delay, here’s a fresh list of things to do this week.  

  1. Running out of things to binge on Netflix (“Tiger King” OMG!) and Hulu? Get sucked into the drama (and maybe a little comedy) of local politics with on-demand recorded meetings from local government. Reno City Council: http://renocitynv.iqm2.com/Citizens/Calendar.aspx; Washoe Board County of Commissioners: https://www.washoecounty.us/mgrsoff/Communications/wctv-vod.php. The city is holding its regularly scheduled Wednesday meeting online.
  2. Explore a National Park: Google takes you on a ranger-guided exploration of the hidden worlds of national parks, all online. https://artsandculture.withgoogle.com/en-us/
  3. Find out which restaurants are offering takeout. Yelp has a great list.
  4. Support farmers and ranchers. They’re taking a big hit right now. Many stores have fresh veggies and meats still.
  5. Host a game night. Really. With videoconferencing tools like Zoom (free for up to 100 participants) you can gather friends and family and enjoy a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity or D&D. We can’t promise you Aunt Steph won’t cheat.  
  6. Tour the Wilbur D. May Museum (sponsor) with their “2 Minute Tours.” Assistant Curator Samantha Szesciorka shows off some of the collection. Check out the first edition: https://youtu.be/D5dJmVy–dQ
  7. Be a life preserver for those in need. Whether it’s donating to local arts organizations or nonprofits, fostering a dog or cat, or shopping for a senior who can’t leave their home, you can make the world seem a whole lot less empty for others right now.
  8. Tackle your spring cleaning. Your hands are obviously clean, but what about your baseboards?

And as a bonus this week, we heard from our friends at the Washoe County Library that they’re working on new virtual services. Check their Facebook page or subscribe to their newsletter to get updates on new services: www.washoecountylibrary.us/newsletter

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