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Collaborative divorce: A peacemaking process (sponsored)

By ThisIsReno

By Melissa L. Exline, Esq.

As a member of Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals (“NCDP”), and a divorce lawyer by trade, I was drawn to this phrase: “Collaborative Divorce is a peacemaking process.”  Every divorce is hard, but many people that are faced with a divorce are looking for a better way.  A way that is not riddled with negativity and possibly expensive litigation. 

In the collaborative model, the attorneys agree that they will not take their client to court to resolve their disputes.  The point with using the collaborative model is that the parties agree, up front, to a respectful divorce.  The process is open, with the lawyers communicating for each side, but still working cohesively as a team (rather than each looking at only their side). 

To be effective, this process requires lawyers to leave their egos behind.  This is easier said than done.  This goes against the normal way that lawyers are trained.  You know, the idea that lawyers are supposed to win no matter what. Lawyers are all taught to look for flaws in the other’s position, to enhance their side of the argument. 

As members of NCDP, the professionals involved are trained in the collaborative model.  This helps minimize the desire to “win” and, rather, look for solutions that are mutually beneficial for both parties.  The lawyers work with you, and each other, to try to divide property and share parenting time in a way that creates a lasting agreement post-divorce.

If you are interested in learning more about collaborative divorce, you can attend a Divorce Options workshop.  The next Divorce Options workshop will be held March 7, 2020.  Members of NCDP teach the collaborative divorce model as one of the ways divorcing spouses can choose to get a divorce.

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