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Get some cheeseburgers on Tuesday with Trailer Park Boys’ Randy Bobandy

By Bob Conrad

Randy “Randers” Bobandy of Trailer Parks Boys fame is coming to town Tuesday. And he’s bringing cheeseburgers. Lots of cheeseburgers. It’s part of his touring comedy act coming to Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor on South Wells Avenue. We got a few minutes with Randers to see what his show is about.

This Is Reno: What the frig’s been goin’ on?

Randers: I’m coming to Reno to do a Randy’s Cheeseburger Picnic.

TIR: What can be expected from a cheeseburger picnic?

R: I like having cheeseburger picnics any time of the year. It doesn’t have to be the heat of the summer. It can be a little cooler as long as you get the people together who want to eat some cheeseburgers, have some drinks, play some games, laugh at some jokes, sing some songs and have a real good time.

TIR: How did you get recused from your trailer park duties?

R: Things are a little bit calmer at the trailer park in the wintertime because people have to stay inside more, and after Christmas, they don’t have that much money so they’re just trying to drink their leftover Christmas liquor, so hopefully the park doesn’t go to crap.

TIR: How many cheeseburgers are going to be served on Tuesday?

R: There better be a lot of cheeseburgers. I’m on a see-food diet. I see it, I eat it, and that’s what I do.

TIR: What can attendees expect from this event?

R: I run a pretty smooth-sailing cheeseburger picnic, that’s for sure, but one of my best buddies that I bring along with me — he’s a real handsome guy named Shel — he’s the best ukelele player among grade-sixers in all of Canada, and he’s like an Eddie Van Halen on the ukelele.

TIR: Everybody wants to know: Is your full nude belly going to be on display on Tuesday night?

R: I’ve been gaining weight, Bob. I don’t know what’s wrong. I think there’s more fat in cheeseburgers these days. Actually, I’ve cut back. I’m only on singles now but I do put on two slices of cheese [because] I hear cheese is not very fattening.

TIR: You’re going to be close to some of our fine dispensaries if you get the munchies.

R: Oh geez, that’d be pretty good to do. You know, they made the marijuana legal in Canada from coast-to-coast. It’s crazy.

TIR: Here too in Reno, but not across the U.S.

R: OK, well you never know. I might have to get my honey bong out and have a little sampling. Are you coming out to the show?

TIR: Yeah, totally.

R: Well, I’ve heard some things about you, that you’re a real handsome fella.

TIR: Not really, but thank you.

R: Well, you have a good voice. That’s awesome. I just hope to meet a bunch of good people in Reno and hope they come out and have a good cheeseburger picnic with me.

TIR: We’ll be there. Thanks, and frig off, Randy.

Event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1323362457837366/

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