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7 Things to do in Reno this week

By ThisIsReno

Rock out, bliss out, drag out…just keep your top on. This week’s Reno events offer a little something for everyone. Here’s a look at seven picks:

  1. Reno Mardi Gras: Celebrate Fat Tuesday and indulge in some of the area’s best wine, spirits, and cuisine at the Rotary Club of Reno’s largest yearly fundraiser. https://thisisreno.com/calendar/?_ev_id=610361_reno_mardi_gras
  2. Sidewalk Talk: Head to Sierra View Library for Sidewalk Talk, where the mission is to nurture human connection by teaching and practicing heart-centered listening in public spaces. https://thisisreno.com/calendar/?_ev_id=8365946b_sidewalk_talk_-_reno%2C_nv
  3. Black Flag: The legendary punk band, which has released seven studio albums and two live albums starting in 1981, performs at Virginia Street Brewhouse. https://thisisreno.com/calendar/?_ev_id=6623302t_black_flag
  4. Wednesday Evening Bliss: Use Yin Yoga to release and refresh your mind after the stresses of a busy week. https://thisisreno.com/calendar/?_ev_id=7098107b_wednesday_evening_bliss
  5. Icky Expedition Party: Uncover the latest Ichthyosaur discoveries made here in Nevada and around the world at the “Icky” brew site, Great Basin Brewing Company. https://thisisreno.com/calendar/?_ev_id=8906719b_2020_icky_expedition_party
  6. TEDxUniversityofNevada 2020: Attend the TEDxUniversityofNevada 2020 conference for a day full of deep thought, exciting new ideas and community networking. This year’s lineup includes more than 20 speakers and performers, with more local speakers than ever. https://thisisreno.com/calendar/?_ev_id=7226516b_tedxuniversityofnevada_2020
  7. Drag Brunch: Catch Drusilla Doesmoore and friends at this twice-monthly brunch and music party at The Emerson Cocktails & Food. https://thisisreno.com/calendar/?_ev_id=7937132b_drag_brunch

For more details or other events, check out our events calendar.

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