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Retail vacancies demand creativity

By John Seelmeyer

The rapidly changing shape of retail business demands creativity from landlords looking to fill big vacant spaces in shopping centers. Jim Kaplan of K Corp., for instance.

His company needs to find a new tenant to fill a space in the Crossing at Meadowood center at Neil Road and South Virginia Street recently vacated by Goodwill. The nonprofit lef…

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Retail vacancies demand creativity
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Dan Rider January 21, 2020 - 4:28 pm

I find it ironic that the former NW Reno Super Kmart store was built on ground that was originally zoned residential. It’s now a storage complex for stuff not people. Perhaps it’s time to reverse this trend on ancient retail sites such as Mervyn’s, Gart Sports & Circuit City to name a few. Many if not most readers won’t even remember those retailers because the buildings have sat empty since vacated. Do you think they might coming back? We urgently need work-force housing near public transportation NOT the empty box stores and public storage facilities that exist there now.
Now that would be creative….

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