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Reno Council denies appeal on Verdi-area project

By John Seelmeyer
mortensen ranch location

Led by a strongly displeased Neoma Jardon, the Reno City Council shot down an appeal from the developer who hopes to build 676 homes on 955 acres near Verdi, just west of Somersett.

Jardon, who represents the Verdi and Somersett areas, said developers of the Mortensen Ranch project appear to have willfully misled Somersett residents about their plans a…

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Reno Council denies appeal on Verdi-area project
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Connie Citizo January 28, 2020 - 9:06 am

They shouldn’t have allowed those two housing developments they are currently building in Verdi. If there is a wildfire, the two-lane routes out of there with the roundabout to I-80 or Somerset or the ramp off of the road behind Crystal Peak Park are going to trap those poor people in Verdi. The developers are in-and-out making their money and taking it out of Nevada, but Nevadans are going to be left dealing with the situations they created for a long time.

Roxanne Brown January 27, 2020 - 6:54 pm

I am opposed to this project due to:
+Traffic congestion w/ no plans to improve roads and highway to accommodate the increase of vehicle traffic
+Verdi Elementary school cannot handle increased enrollment
+Verdi/Simersett/Del Webb does not have infrastructure to support any more new developments

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