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Nevada GOP sets sights on November (opinion)

By Don Dike Anukam

Cover image by Ty O’Neil

Local Republicans are marching along despite the heavy political headwinds. With a determined and laser-like focus, conservatives are drawing from the lessons of the 2018 election. Since October, I’ve had a chance to observe, interact with, and speak to the Nevada Trump campaign, several Republican office holders, and many Republican activists. They have given me a very open and honest assessment of the work they have to do to prepare for the 2020 election.

Nevada Republicans are focused on one thing: victory in November. Determined not to be in the super minority again, Assembly Republicans, led by Assemblywoman Dr. Robin Titus (R-Wellington/Smith Valley), are not taking chances. 

Titus has been attending events and conducting a massive candidate recruiting campaign. This effort is in conjunction with the Nevada Republican party’s Battle Born Candidate schools to train and get candidates ready to campaign, fundraise, and organize.

The Trump campaign has been hiring, training, and opening offices since summer. The first Trump Victory office in the nation opened in Reno in October. The office opening was attended by Nevada Republican party chairman Michael McDonald and former Attorney General Adam Laxalt. 

Although it been an effort in gathering information for this story, and talking to political consultants from up and down the state, this has been difficult because some people naturally don’t want to talk to me, or are reluctant to talk to the press at this time. I have been able to at least get some perspective of the battlefield called Northern Nevada.

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, President Trump was being impeached in Washington by the U.S. House led by Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.). At the same time, throughout the country and at the Trump Victory office in Reno, they held a Trump Victory watch party where people came to watch the President speak for nearly two hours.

A common tone and perspective I got from one attendee was that they felt, “The impeachment was unfair, that the President was getting a raw deal and that the Democrats, media and his opponents are out to get him at any cost.” 

In an interview with Keith Schipper, the Nevada Trump Victory communications director, he had this to say about their efforts: 

“We’ve been on the ground for most of 2019. We’ve been hitting the ground running and within our team and finding folks and engaging volunteers. We’re just going to keep building, and building, and building until we get to 2020.”

He also encouraged those interested in helping the effort to come to the local office in Reno. 

“If they want to help out and try to help get people elected to be in the Assembly, State Senate, and anywhere else in Washoe County,” he said, “go to our headquarters, the Trump victory headquarters in Reno. 

“If you want to see the President win Washoe, if you want to see Republicans elected to the state legislature, you want to see Republicans elected at the local level. 

“Your best place to go is that office, talk to Kevin, and we’ll connect you and we’ll train you,” he added. “We have the best ground game and we are excited to get Republicans elected up and down the ballot.”

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