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Indigent deaths increase slightly in 2019

By Bob Conrad

Washoe County today confirmed that deaths of indigent people in the county rose slightly in 2019 — up one death from 37 in 2018 to 38 last year.

“There were 38 homeless / indigent deaths in Washoe County in 2019, as defined by the Medical Examiner’s database as having an address listed as ‘no fixed address,'” said county spokesperson Amy Ventetuolo.

Those who died were primarily male–26–while 12 females died. The causes of death were accidental deaths, natural deaths, suicides and murders. Six people died of undetermined, or yet-to-be-determined, causes.

Numbers have increased since 2016, when the county first started documenting indigent deaths.

  • 2016: 22
  • 2017: 27
  • 2018: 37
  • 2019: 38

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