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Councilmembers defend vote on shading ordinance

By Bob Conrad

Critics of a luxury hotel project slated to be constructed on the Truckee River have big concerns. They said that the Reno City Council’s recent removal of a city shading ordinance eliminates the public from at least one part of the process for the high-rise to get approved.

The shading ordinance was modified in December by the council. Th…

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Councilmembers defend vote on shading ordinance
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Lori Davis January 5, 2020 - 3:41 pm

I would like to know what happened to the plan for the city that warehouses should not be mixed in with homes or apts. It says Reno should think about it’s people in the community and their quality of life before industry and profits. What happened to that? They changed the zoning laws to fit their own needs. Golden Valley and especially Stead area are over run with warehouses and huge trucks making it extremely crowded and dangerous in this small area.
Not to mention the pollution in the air they have caused. This shows no respect for the community or the people!

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