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Local nonprofit amplifies life for disabled

By ThisIsReno

By Ryan McGinnis

The Amplify Life team was immensely grateful when they first got the keys to their new 20,000 square foot recreational center, donated by the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health. But before the move-in could take place, an effort was needed to look past the building’s aging edifice and dull interior to see the space’…

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Fulfilling a community need

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Local nonprofit amplifies life for disabled
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Leslie Hudson December 30, 2019 - 9:27 pm

OMG! I Love Amplify Life. My son has attended this camp multiple times and he always comes back feeling like a rockstar ( his words ). He was so happy to connect with his friends. He gets to spend the night at the museum, meet at the facility to do ornaments, go to movie night, and so on. This has given him a place to shine out to the world with confidence.

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