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Ferìno Distillery brings Italian spirits to downtown


Ferìno Distillery’s “Harriet the Spy” made with gin, Canella cinnamon cordial, apple, honey, and soda. Photo: Ryan McGinnis

By Ryan McGinnis

Ferìno Distillery, located several blocks from the downtown casinos on East Fourth Street, is the newest distillery to open in Reno. It’s also the latest in a growing number of bars and restaurants changing the face of Fourth Street, which for many years was predominantly neglected warehouses and industrial businesses.

Inside, Ferìno boasts a revitalization of one of these old warehouses, with tungsten-colored lights that warm the white brick interior walls and provide a tasteful ambiance. Ferìno serves pour-over coffee at the bar nearest the entrance, while the second bar is reserved for their specialty craft cocktails.

Inside Ferìno Distillery. Photo: Ryan McGinnis

Many of these elixirs are made with Italian liqueurs such as amaro, cordials and fernet from Cannella Spirits, a San Francisco-based company. Their flagship spirit is a cinnamon cordial, but for reasons deeper than taste. 

John Cannella, the founder and master distiller of Ferìno and Cannella Spirits, gained interest in these flavors when he grew curious about his family name. “Cannella” in Italian means cinnamon, but like many family names in the old world, its origin comes from trade, according to Cannella.  The Latin-derived “Canellas” were Sicilian spice traders whose adventures along the Mediterranean brought African and Arabian flavors north to the dinner table — and ultimately unique tastes to spirits and liqueurs.

“The story of our company has always been tied to the story of our family,” said Joe Cannella. “The bigger the community support is, the bigger the Ferìno family!” Ferìno is located at 541 E. Fourth St. To book events and to learn more about what they make visit Ferìnodistillery.com

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