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City advisory boards, like all of us, cancel meetings


Reno City Hall.

Life gets hectic. A late flight, a death in the family, the common cold or any number of unexpected events can cause canceled plans and changed schedules.

Members of city government and city advisory boards are not immune to the interventions of day-to-day living either.

In the past year, various Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NAB) have canceled their meetings for sickness, health appointments or a lack of quorum, among other circumstances.

Jon Humbert, Reno’s public information officer, told This Is Reno, “The Neighborhood Advisory Boards provide a vital connection between the Reno community and the City Council. Because these are volunteer appointments, occasionally, the personal lives and health of NAB members take preceden[ce]. That can lead to meetings that may not meet quorum, unfortunately.”

Thankfully each NAB exceeds requirements for at least four meetings every year.”

Despite the cancellation of various NAB meetings throughout 2019, the NABs have been meeting more than the required four times a year.

“[Canceled meetings are] not ideal, but thankfully each NAB exceeds requirements for at least four meetings every year,” said Humbert.

Over the last 11 months each NAB held five or more meetings designed to improve communication between the City and its residents as well as increase community engagement. At these meetings residents can raise concerns about their neighborhoods and deliberate on community issues.

Although councilmembers are not required to attend, often they will, discussing issues with their constituents pertinent to Reno’s community.

Humboldt urged residents concerned about Reno’s issues to attend ward meetings or join their NAB.

“We welcome everyone to apply to their ward’s NAB and help play a role in shaping our city’s future,” he said.

For more information on NABs and meeting times and locations, visit https://www.reno.gov/community/your-neighborhood.

Tabitha Mueller
Tabitha Mueller
Tabitha Mueller is a freelance writer and multimedia journalist based out of Reno, Nevada. She is fascinated by storytelling, place, and the intersection of narrative and data analysis and holds a bachelor’s degree in Geography and English and American Literatures from Middlebury College. When she is not tracking down a story or listening to podcasts, you can find her hiking Nevada’s gorgeous terrain, perusing local bookstores, playing Quidditch, and discovering Reno’s hidden stories.