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Bruka Theatre hosts four-day theater festival (subscriber content)

By Kylie Masznicz
Two participants at Bruka Theatre's festival perform on stage.

Earlier this month, Bruka Theatre presented their eighth Biggest Little Theatre & New Works Festival. This four-day event had over 10 different performances. Shows included scene reads, poetry, musical, improvs, and more.

The intention of this festival was to allow local artists to test out their new work for the first time on a stage. The vibe of the performances was laid back; it was like watching an elevated rehearsal.

At first I thought this format of performances would turn me away. However, the opposite was true. There were some set designs and costumes, so you didn’t need to use complete imagination. I actually enjoyed seeing the performances stripped down. The rawness of the stage really highlighted the acting.

After the shows, the audience would get the chance to meet the casts, directors and writers and to pay compliments and ask questions. This segment was really interesting because it allowed the audience to learn more backstory to each performance and find out what future ideas the artists might have in mind for the piece.

Actors perform on stage at Bruka Theatre

Another great aspect was that if the artist continues with production of their show, then in the future you can watch the completed version and compare it to the original. I know I’ll be on the lookout for any updated performances.

If you missed the Bruka Theatre’s festival this year, be sure to have your eye out next time. Most performances are short, roughly 30 to 60 minutes, and tickets are only $5. If you’re new to the theater scene, this is a great opportunity to step your foot in!

The Details

Divorce Party

  • Written by Anna Christine
  • Directed by Douglas Carrion

Last Night Under the Oak Tree

  • Written by Ryan Costello
  • Directed by Julia Butler

Poets of the Caribbean

  • Hosted by Jesse James Ziegler

A Crippled Friendship

  • Written & performed by Evan Gadda & Ernest Davis Jr.

Rain Dog Saint

  • Written by Jenny Carr
  • Directed by Marygrace McManus

All The Little Things

  • Written by Victor Uriz
  • Directed by Sharon Zenz

Poem Man

  • Written & performed by Pan Pantoja


  • Written by Sabrina Zackery
  • Directed by Cai Thompson

Not Sister Nor Mom

  • Written by Everett Ray George & Hannah Arthur
  • Directed by Hannah Arthur

Under Paris (Musical)

  • Written by Marshall Herman
  • Directed by Tami Castillo

All Things Reconsidered (Improv)

  • Written by Chris Thigpen
  • Directed by Jamie Clark

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