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Washoe County School District is “third best” in Nevada (subscriber content)

By Bob Conrad
Image: KUNR

Washoe County School District this week announced that it was the "third best school district in Nevada." It neglected to mention which districts were one and two. Those are Douglas and Storey county school districts, respectively.

"Douglas County School District is a highly rated, public school district [with] 5,924 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teache…

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Washoe County School District is "third best" in Nevada (subscriber content)
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James Gardner October 3, 2019 - 10:08 am

I am confused when you teachers can test but can not use the data. What about daily or weekly in class testing for reading. I recall my teacher having a ledger with all of our grades she used to see our progress. No computers back then. Just curious. Good article.

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