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Research: Sparks loses money on growth (subscriber content)

By John Seelmeyer
City of Sparks Marina. Image: Bob Conrad.

New development is a money-losing proposition for the City of Sparks, a new study finds, although increased emphasis on job-creating offices and industrial projects would help stabilize the city government’s finances over the next 20 years.

While development generates millions of dollars annually for the Sparks general fund, the costs of maintaining new roads more than eats u…

City of Sparks Marina. Image: Bob Conrad.

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Dave Morgan October 18, 2019 - 12:03 pm

A significant variable in all this is the 1955 consciousness that seems to still pervade our thinking. Single family detached housing worked in the distant “long ago.” It doesn’t work today because of the huge population increase of more and more adults flooding the economy and the landscape. If we continue the exponential population increase due to seemingly endless “breeding pairs” of men and women, we’ll overpopulate the Earth – the Earth will become a giant mess – and if we’re visited by space aliens they’ll mutter “What were they thinking?”

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