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Protein calculator helps athletes determine dietary protein amounts


Protein Factory took the wraps off their latest protein calculator with the claim that it is the most accurate one around. While protein calculators are a dime a dozen, the one currently available for free at the company’s website uses a slightly different way of calculating the right protein intake for athletes such as bodybuilders.

To fully understand how this protein calculator is different from the vast number of others available online, it is essential to understand how protein intake is conventionally calculated. In a nutshell, the US RDA recommends 0.8 gm/kg per kilogram of body weight for adults. Vegetarians will need to add around 10% to this figure.

While the US RDA’s recommendations are fine for regular people, i.e. people who don’t train in the weight room, its recommendations aren’t for those that do work out every day. People who work out every day have a higher protein requirement, especially to keep their body in an anabolic state. Unfortunately, the majority of calculators online don’t do that but instead use the RDA’s calculation which is seen as being inaccurate.

How Accurate is Protein Factory’s Calculator?

Protein Factory’s calculator is primarily based on a culmination of research studies for over 40 years. The studies were and continue to be focused on the protein intake for optimally increasing muscle size and strength. So, users benefit from an answer about their protein intake, which is backed by 40 years of research.

The protein calculator factors in a person’s current weight, age, and gender to determine how much protein they should be consuming each day for optimal muscle development. It also factors in the type of protein supplement they are consuming since each type is different.

When using this how much protein do I need to build muscle calculator, users can choose from hydrolyzed protein powder, i.e. regular whey protein isolate or one with peptides. The difference is that protein powders with 20% peptides only have short-chain amino acids. That allows them to be quickly and easily absorbed by the gut and then released into the bloodstream without having to be digested. So, it is possible for people to absorb more proteins, faster which in turn helps with ensuring that the body does not enter into a catabolic state.

Factors in Anabolic Steroid Use and SARMS

The results of the protein intake calculator also factor in the use of anabolic steroid use and SARMS. Since most people either using SARMS or anabolic steroids aren’t sure how much protein they should be taking this helps them nail the exact daily figure. So, unlike other online calculators this one does not assume that everyone using it is natural.

Protein Factory’s protein calculator is free to use by anyone with an email address. Anyone curious about their protein intake should try out the calculator. It goes without saying that most people who lift weights are often not sure about their protein intake, and this calculator can be invaluable to them.

Information: https://proteinfactory.com/protein-calculator-for-building-muscle/

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