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Mediating Minds: Reno Mediation & Dispute Resolution Service opens its doors


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Coming to an agreement starts here

What is Mediation?

Mediation means a dispute decision process in which an open-minded third person, who has no authority to require a decision if all of the individuals do not agree to resolve the case, helps the parties reach an arrangement by focusing on the critical points in a case, exchanging knowledge between the parties and examining options for agreement.

Mediation brings people in dispute together with this neutral person who helps them in reaching a voluntary agreement without proceeding to court. The mediator helps them define the issues, consider opportunities, and enter a workable settlement that fits their needs.

Why use Mediation?

  •  Mediation is Effective – More than 90% of mediations result in long-term resolutions with mutual satisfaction.
  • Mediation is Convenient – Mediation sessions can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and location to accommodate participants’ schedules.
  • Mediation is Empowering – Mediation allows people and organizations to develop complementary resolutions, meeting their particular needs, concerns, and values as well as preserving their rights.
  • Mediation is Confidential – Remarks made during the Mediation and documents provided for the Mediation are not admissible in any legal proceeding without the written agreement of both parties.

Different Advantages to Mediation

You get to decide: The authority and responsibility for coming to a settlement remain with the parties who have the problem. The argument is viewed as a problem to be resolved. The mediator doesn’t make the judgments, and you are not required to “take your chances” in the court proceeding. Many people favor in making their own decisions when there are multiple tradeoffs, rather than giving that authority to a judge. You must know your legal rights so that you can make arrangements that are in your own best concerns.

The focus is on interests and needs: Mediation studies the underlying reasons for the conflict and looks at what resolutions best suit your individual needs and satisfy your concerns.

For a continuing relationship: Divorcing parents, Neighbors, managers, and their employees, business associates, and family members have to remain to deal with each other cooperatively. Going to court can divide people and develop hostility. Mediation looks to the prospect. It helps end the conflict, not the party’s relationship.

Mediation deals with feelings: Every person is prompted to tell their own story in their own form. Recognizing emotions encourages movement towards an agreement. Discussing both legal and personal problems can help you create a new understanding of yourself and the other party.

Higher satisfaction: Participants goes to mediation report higher content rates than people who go to court. Because of their active participation, they have a more significant commitment to upholding the settlement than people who have a judge decide for them. Mediations end in agreement 70% to 80% of the time and have high rates of compliance.


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