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Pedestrian Fatalities Up — Way Up

By ThisIsReno

According to data from the State of Nevada’s July Fatality Report, pedestrian fatalities are up 100% around the county for the first half of 2019. There were four fatalities in Washoe County in the first half of last year, but that number doubled for 2019.

Pedestrian fatalities in Washoe County account for 36% of vehicle crash fatalities — more than twice the national percentage in 2018. 

A local task force, Vision Zero Truckee Meadows, is reminding drivers to be extra careful while driving by scanning for pedestrians.

Pedestrians have the right-of-way whenever two streets intersect and at marked midblock crosswalks. The task force also wants to remind drivers that when driving even at slower speeds it can be difficult to notice pedestrians unless intentionally looking for them. 

If you are walking or biking, consider wearing bright, attractive clothes, reflective items, and lights to make yourself more obvious to drivers. 

SOURCE: Vision Zero