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Nevada Makes Education Gains Despite Low Ranking (Subscriber Content)

By Bob Conrad
Lockers at Reed High School.
Lockers at Reed High School. Image: Carla O'Day.

Nevada continues to be one of the lowest-rated states in the country for education. Education Week's annual Quality Counts report, released this week, looks at a number of factors for how states rank -- from spending on education to graduation rates and achievement.

Although previously dead last, Nevada is making gain…

Lockers at Reed High School.
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Nevada Makes Education Gains Despite Low Ranking (Subscriber Content)
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Dave Morgan September 6, 2019 - 10:43 am

Those who don’t go to college AND GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE are throwing their lives away. Those who don’t go to college wander around in in a bottom-dog-frog-world, utterly unaware of all the richness and wonder of life – not to mention much, much better paychecks. Those who don’t save for their kids’ college are inflicting the worst form of domestic abuse upon their children – INEVITABLE LIFE RETARDATION.

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