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Daybreak Development Goes Back to City Council (Subscriber Content)

By Bob Conrad
Daybreak development location. Google Earth image.
Daybreak development location. Google Earth image.
Daybreak development location. Google Earth image.

The City of Reno and attorneys for the investment firm behind the South Reno Daybreak development have reached an agreement for the project to appear before council again this month.

Newport Pacific Land Company sued the city in February after the Reno City Council denied the development in November of 2018. 

The development pro…

Daybreak development location. Google Earth image.
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Marge Frandsen September 6, 2019 - 8:32 am

After reading the Stipulations, it would appear that the city attorneys and the “investor” have tied the hands of the city council. It will be interesting to hear how the council members who voted against this project initially (except Weber who voted for approval because “everybody floods” and Reese who was not a councilman at the time) will get to an “aye”. Reimagine Reno states in part that building in the floodplains is discouraged but I guess they can legitimately state that Reimagine Reno came after the initial denial and does not apply.

Renee Dziuk September 5, 2019 - 5:22 pm

The reason this developer got the OK to do this is because his pockets are lined very thick with money that’s all he needs to pay off whoever he needs to in the city the city Council or? also The developers and/or builders are supposed to put in roads 1st before construction starts on apartments or housing to accommodate all the new traffic at their cost but they never do and then they Tack it on to the taxpayers bill later, it’s all about money and power people what’s right and wrong doesn’t matter anymore all that matters is greed and money and who has it and who’s willing to pay off who to get what they want, the greedy developers and builders that are in the city have power beyond belief with their gobs of money that’s behind them and they get what they want, they give us our Council city meetings that don’t matter at all because they’re going to do it whether anyone likes it or not because the money is there and where money is power and greed are and they just buy who they need to buy!!!
Such as our world now

Cal R Williams September 5, 2019 - 8:47 am

It is obvious to anyone who has lived in the Reno area for an extended amount of time like myself that this is a horrible idea. This is a wet land area which we have already disrupted enough. If these homes are built in such a way as to prevent them from flooding the displaced water will just flood other areas. The after math will result in more law suits just from a different source. It would be wise to just deal with the fall out now rather than later.

Larry E Chesney September 4, 2019 - 8:45 am

It is a sad state of affairs when a developer has the ability to force a community and a city to accept their development. They knew what they were buying when they bought the property and now they want to force a huge development down the throats of a community, while it is environmentally detrimental to the entire region. The NRS need to be changed to allow the community to regulate it’s development and not the developers and the builders association.

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