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This Weekend Only: Latino ARTE presents “Frida and Her Lovers”



The Reno theater scene seemed to lack space for Spanish speakers to go and enjoy live theater. Annamarie Cavallone and Mario DelaRosa thought so, too, so in 2010 they founded Latino ARTE.

Latino ARTE is an arts group which creates, writes, and produces their own projects in both Spanish and English. It opens up an opportunity that wasn’t previously seen before in Reno.

Their upcoming show, “Frida and Her Lovers,” is in both English and Spanish. English-only audiences will pick up on repeated Spanish phrases, and whatever is missed in language will be shown through acting. Spanish-only audiences will be able to expand their English skills but still have the chance to understand and enjoy the production.

When asked why Latino ARTE decided to put on this show, they responded, “Frida Kahlo has become a cultural and artistic icon. Her fame has transcended countries, ages, and languages. She is a representative of Latino arts and culture, so we think it’s only appropriate to bring her to life on stage to entertain the educate the audience.”

“Frida and Her Lovers” follows Frida during the first half of the twentieth century when she was married to Diego Rivera. Always being a bit resilient, the audience will watch as she strives to become a full-time artist as a woman.

Latino ARTE hopes to continue working on creating original plays and participating in other forms of art and cultural events for the whole community. Their upcoming projects include Fiesta on Wells on September 22nd, a free cultural event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as another production on the Day of the Dead in November.

In March 2020, they will put on a production detailing LGBTQ+ issues in the Latino community, and in May 2020 they plan to present another production about farmworkers and other aspects of Chicano/Latino life from the 1920s to present-day America.

Right before the 2020 election, they’ll present “Immigrants at the Edge of Nervous Breakdown”, a play reflecting on the immigrant situation in the country today.

If you’re interested in seeing “Frida and Her Lovers” or any of Latino ARTE’s other future productions, be sure to visit their website www.LatinoArtsAndCulutre.com or on their Facebook Pages: Latino Arts and Culture Reno or Teatro Brown Eyes.


Web: http://renolittletheater.org/frida19/

$20 pre-sale
$25 at door

August 16 @ 7 PM
August 17 @ 4 PM
August 17 @ 7 PM
August 18 @ 2 PM

Kylie Burns
Kylie Burns
Kylie Burns has been living in Reno for over two decades. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her non-fiction work can also be found in Broadway Baby. When she isn't reviewing art and culture events in Reno, she's hogging the spotlight in karaoke or trying her hand at mixology.