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Basin to Range Art Projects Receive Funding


Goldwell Open Air Museum. Image: Chris Moran, Nevada Tourism.

The Nevada Arts Council’s Basin to Range Exchange (BRX) is showcasing a variety of projects that are designed to bring collaboration between urban and rural arts organizations. Each project received a grant of $1,200 from the council for funding.

“The inaugural BRX program is off to a fantastic start,” said Tony Manfredi, executive director of the Nevada Arts Council.  “The Nevada Arts Council is impressed with these 14 partnerships and projects and excited to see their impact on their respective communities.”

The projects include:

Reno, Lyon & Storey Counties

Tia Flores (Sierra Arts Foundation)

Quest Lakes (Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon & Storey Counties)

Project: Arts Integration training to the teachers of the Title I schools of Silver Springs elementary and middle schools

The training program will help better educate students in the arts curriculum. Teachers will learn to implement the arts across all subject areas in the core curriculum which works in all socio-economic boundaries. Arts Integration at Silver Springs schools will use their organic community gardens to create meals using locally grown ingredients. 

Eureka, Reno

Garney Damele (Eureka Restoration Enterprise)

Beth MacMillian (ARTOWN) 

Project: Eureka Art & Wine Festival

From Sept 16 to 21 the inaugural Eureka Wine and Plein Air event will take place in Eureka. This is due to the combined strengths of the Artown director’s knowledge of public programs and rural connections in Eureka.

The event is weeklong and is meant to attract tourist as well as promote local artists and their art.

Henderson, Ely, Las Vegas, Gerlach 

Brian Kendall (City of Henderson)

Caroline McIntosh (White Pine Main Street Program)

Margie Reynolds (Graphic Design)

Project: Learning from Ely’s Public Art

Artists from Ely were able to help their crumbling economy due to creating murals. This project will allow people from Henderson, Las Vegas, and Gerlach to professionally study on how it was accomplished and how they can transfer that information to their own communities. 

Gerlach, Reno

Crimson Rose (Burning Man)

Scott Hinton (University of Reno, Photography)

Candy Webb (Visual Artist)

Project: Community Engagement through Art Workshops

Northern Nevada locals will be able to attend photography workshops. The workshops will be led by UNR instructor Scott Hinton. The photos and videos created in the workshop will later be used for a second workshop led by Candy Webb. She will help turn that media into animations of the desert. The finished pieces will be showcased in both Reno and Gerlach. The project aims to integrate the two distant communities together. 

Elko, Reno, Las Vegas

Paul Gregory (Ghost Light Productions)

Irma Varela (Winchester Cultural Center)

Projectt: Elko’s premier theater company presents in and on the way to Las Vegas

This project is a tour for Ghost Light Productions, a theater company based in Elko. Throughout the tour, the company will travel to different cities in the state to perform. 

Reno, West Las Vegas 

Heather Gage (Reno Philharmonic)

Marcia Robinson (City of Las Vegas, West Las Vegas Arts Center)

Marisa Cooper (Nevada Art Museum)

Project abstract: Sharing teacher resources across the state

Workshops will inform teachers regarding visual arts and classical music in underserved rural areas chosen by the group. The workshop will give the teachers the skills and resources to use in their classrooms for all subjects every year. The idea of the project came after noticing the lack of professional development in rural areas. 

Virginia City, Las Vegas

Arika Perry (St. Mary’s Art Center)

Nancy Good (Core Contemporary Art)

Project: A traveling exquisite corpse

With the “exquisite corpse,” collaborative technique artists will be invited from Virginia City to create the “head” of a piece while Las Vegas artists will create the “toes.” The exhibit will be shown first at St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City and then at Core Contemporary in Las Vegas. This technique was founded by the Surrealists where a group of artists would work on the same drawing. This would lead to different interpretations of the same drawing in mind. 

Elko, Las Vegas, Reno

Emily Anderson (Ghost Light Productions)

Suzanne Hackett-Morgan (Goldwell Open Air Museum)

Stephanie Gibson (Nevada Humanities)

Project Abstract: An original play, “Albert Szukalski’s America”

“Albert Szukalski’s America” will focus on the Belgian sculptor of the same name. Szukalski is known for being the creator of the “Last Supper” sculpture. This sculpture is the genesis piece for the Goldwell Open Air Museum in Rhyolite, Nevada. The play will focus on the artists love for Nevada and the townspeople of Beatty where he ended up implementing them into his sculpture. Szukalski was the driving force that brought the idea of the museum’s residency program. The program hosts artists from the United States and around the world. 

Las Vegas, Incline Village, Gerlach

Chase McCurdy (Chase McCurdy Studio)

Mary Kenny (Sierra Nevada College)

Tina Walters (Gerlach)

Project: A pop-up exhibition series, “Three Nevadans”

Artists of this project will be showcasing their art throughout the state over a years time. This will allow them to expose their work to new audiences. The exhibitions will take place in Las Vegas, Incline Village, and Gerlach with the hope of adding more locations. 

Reno, Elko Las Vegas, Eureka, City of North Las Vegas

Jennifer Kleven (Neon Museum)

Joelle Mackay (Eureka Restoration Enterprise)

Brad McMullen (Western Folklife Center)

Charlice Kirksey (City of North Las Vegas)

Garrett Barmore (W.M. Keck Earth Science and Mineral Engineering Museum)

Susanne Reese (Elko Community Partners)

Project: Representing the state’s artists through an exhibition

This project takes the form of a traveling multi-community exhibition, representing artists and regions represented by the partnership.

An exhibition will travel across numerous cities and regions in Nevada showing off artists works. 


For more information about the Community Arts Department or Nevada Arts Council, you can contact Michelle Patrick, at (702) 486-3732 or [email protected] or Grace Davis (775) 687-7119 or [email protected].

SOURCE: Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs

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