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New Podcast Series: Reno’s Creative Arts (Subscriber Content)

By Bob Conrad
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Reno’s creative arts generate millions of dollars in the local economy each year. That includes personal income, expenditures, government revenues, and total jobs supported by the arts.

Our new podcast series takes a dive into the realities of being an artist and musician in the Biggest Little City. The series of four episodes is reported by University of Nevada student Carly Sauvageau and edited by Holly Hutchings.

We are publishing one episode each week for the next four weeks in our regular news feed, but subscribers can listen to all episodes now, below.

Episode 1: Reno’s Do-It-Yourself Music Scene

“We have something to prove. We deserve a seat at the table with everyone else.”

In our first episode Carly speaks with:

  • Nick Eng, musician
  • Tommy and The Tongues
  • Clinton Neuerberg of Elephant Rifle and one of the founders of the Holland Project
  • Ben Birkinbine, UNR professor and a member of the band Fine Motor
  • “Dear-Air Dave,” DJ at The X, 100.1

Episode 2: Promoting the Arts in Reno

“We’re very lucky to have this business here that is showcasing and promoting the arts in Reno.”

In episode 2, Carly speaks with:

  • Marketer Jacqueline Lampson
  • Geralda Miller & Eric Brooks of Art Spot Reno
  • Maria Patridge, ARTECH
  • Lauren Hufft of Reno Art Works
  • BreeAnn St. Onge, Sierra Arts Foundation
  • Amanda Horn, Nevada Museum of Art
  • Scott “Plasma,” artist at The Generator
  • Jerry Snyder, Board President, The Generator

Episode 3: The Reno Theater Scene

“We live in a capitalist society. Nothing is free. If we can make theater more important here, it could be a business–perhaps.”

In episode 3, Carly speaks with:

  • Jill Engstrom, Actor
  • Cody Hamilton, Actor
  • Joe Atack, Good Luck Macbeth theater company
  • Adriano Cabral, UNR theater professor

Episode 4: Literature in Reno

“I make words like a cabinet maker makes cabinets.”

In this last and final episode of this series, Carly speaks with
poet Shaun Griffin, creative writing students at UNR, and slam poets.