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Chalk Art Returns to Atlantis


Chalk Art Festival at the Atlantis.
Artists use all sorts of tools, from sponge brushes to their fingers, to achieve different textures and tones.

The 4th Annual Chalk Art & Music Festival wraps up Sunday in the west parking lot of the Atlantis Casino Resort on South Virginia St. Artists starting working as early as Friday afternoon and must complete their pieces by 11 am today. Judging of pieces will commence at noon, with an awards ceremony to follow.

170 artists are participating in this year’s competition, up from 110 last year. Awards are given in 7 categories, including people’s choice. Assigned a parking space as their canvas, artists work under the shade of tents supplied by the Atlantis.

An interactive piece of 3-D chalk art completed on Friday by the competition judges offers a perfect photo for attendees’ social media feeds. Titled “Escher’s Waterpark”, the work portrays a waterslide-like structure with rafts on which people can “ride.” Stand in the provided footprints to view—or photograph—the piece, and it all comes to life.

The Festival also features live music, food trucks, and booths from various artists and vendors. Admission is free.

Andrea Laue
Andrea Lauehttps://www.andrealaue.com
Andrea is a freelance photographer and mountain enthusiast. She discovered the Great Basin on her first trip to California 15 years ago and finally made the move to Reno in 2019. Her favorite stories investigate efforts to strike a balance between conservation and recreation. Andrea has made images for a variety of publications, websites, and conservation organizations. In her free time—and sometimes for work!—she enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, and lazy days in camp with her husband.